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Natural Viscosity

Solvent extracted natural high V.I. (Paraffinic) base oils show less change in viscosity with temperature changes than oils manufactured from naphthenic crudes. This higher natural V.I. keeps the petroleum base lubricants from thinning-out under high operating temperatures and thickening at lower temperatures. When the viscosity of a lubricant falls and/or rises, excessive wear and even seizures can result (b).

Greater Heat Resistance

Higher operating temperatures cause formation of deposits. Solvent extracted natural high V.I. base oils resist heat and thus control deposits better than naphthenic base oils (c). Solvent extracted base oils also resist oxidation much better--a critical factor in longer oil life.

No Corrosion-Causing Impurities

Most crude oils contain a high percentage of sulphur compounds impossible to extract by refining (a). Often such compounds are present in volumes as great as 5% sulphur in a lubricant, contributing to metal corrosion. Some lubricants manufactured from this type of crude oil are naturally more corrosive than the solvent extracted natural high V.I. base lubricants.

Serving High-Quality Oils Since 1976

STEELCO Industrial Lubricants

STEELCO, in using only the highest quality materials, answered this need to such a successful extent that the use of it’s greases & oils continually expanded into other demanding sectors of the economy, such as:

  • drilling
  • transportation
  • construction
  • marine
  • lumber
  • recreation

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