About us

In 1976, my father Don Lee, (already a lubrication industry veteran) when forming STEELCO Industrial Lubricants Inc. was faced with the formidable task of formulating greases & oils better able to withstand severe operating conditions found within the steel industry.

These included, among others,

  •       extreme temperatures
  •       heavy shock-loads
  •       both high & low speed operation
  •       water washout & contamination

STEELCO, in using only the highest quality materials, answered this need to such a successful extent that the use of it’s greases & oils continually expanded into other demanding sectors of the economy, such as:

  •       drilling
  •       transportation
  •       construction
  •       marine
  •       lumber
  •       recreation

Our initial philosophy was “To provide our customers with the finest lubrication products, minimising maintenance costs & unscheduled downtime whilst maximizing the productive lifetime of valuable capital assets.”

True then – true now.

This is a proudly American owned and operated enterprise which concentrates solely on its core lubrication business, not allowing the marketing of ancillary hardware products to dilute or blur this focus.