Steelco is a family-owned Northwest Indiana business. Don Lee, a lubrication industry veteran, created STEELCO Industrial Lubricants Inc. in 1976. He committed to using only the highest-quality materials, and we continue his legacy today. Don formulated greases & oils to be able to withstand severe operating conditions found within the steel industry better than similar products on the market.
Extending the Life of Construction Equipment
Construction equipment requires consistent maintenance to keep it up and running. Nothing is worse for your equipment than skipping upkeep. Having a solid maintenance routine allows equipment to last longer and perform better. In order to get the best possible return on investment, it is advisable to commit to a maintenance plan.
Extending the Life of Farm Equipment
Farming equipment needs consistent maintenance to keep it working well. Unfortunately, cutting corners in your maintenance routine can cause equipment to break down and not last as long. Everyone wants the best possible return on investment, why not commit maintaining your farming equipment?
Squeaky Garage Doors: Make it Stop!

Squeaky Garage Doors

Does your garage door make an awful noise? A squeaky, squealing, moaning garage door is annoying and only gets worse with time. Most likely, your garage is used daily. All the gears, chains, and mechanisms take a constant beating and that is why it squeaks…it’s in pain!

If you ignore the problem, the components could break. That’s why it is important to address the issue of a squeaky door. Imagine running late, and dashing out the door for work and your door won’t open! That is why garage door lubricant is essential.

What exactly is garage door lubricant and what does it do?

  •        Quiets: Garage door lubricant can help quiet down a noisy door. The loud, unsettling grinding and squealing of an opening door can wake up your family and possibly your neighbors! Not only is it disruptive, but the noise means there is a problem with lubrication.


  •        Protects: Garage doors are handy and we might not notice how much we use them. Years of opening and closing the doors creates damage. Lubricating the door will help keep it running smoothly. It protects the track, hinges, rollers, and other components of the garage door and makes it easier for it to work.


Do you want to extend the life your garage door by protecting it? Call STEELCO today to speak with an industry expert. We can help you select the best lubricant for your garage door! Click HERE to fill out our contact sheet or call: 1-800-344-7204.

Grease vs. Oil

Lubricants come in two key forms: oil and grease.  Both products lubricate equipment to ensure that it functions correctly and to prevent damage. What is the difference between oil and grease?


Grease has an oil base and a thickener rendering it a semisolid. There are other additives and the thickeners in grease for performance. Grease starts out thick, but becomes more oil-like as weight and pressure is applied.


Oil is a liquid. It does not mix with water and quality oil, like STEELCO products, will not leave a brownish tint to water when they are mixed. Oil is used for many things and one of the most important natural resources.

Why use grease?

Greases make great industrial lubricants. They are good at making a seal against contaminants. Also, grease can bear a variety of environments and stay on longer than oil.  Grease is also resistant to leakage.

Why use oil?

Oil has many advantages as an industrial lubricant. Oil has a better flow, is easier to apply, and can work as a cooling agent. It is also less messy and easier to control. Oil can extend the life of bearings better than grease.

 Is oil or grease best for me?

One of the best things about choosing STEELCO is that we can help you select the product that will work best for your particular machine. Click HERE to fill out our contact sheet or call: 1-800-344-7204.


How Industry Changed the World

Industry changed the world! We enjoy many modern comforts and convivences thanks to the move towards machines. Commonly known as the “Industrial Revolution”, in the late 1800s, engines, factories, and machines were developed. It changed society and the way we live.

  •        Inventions: There were many notable inventions in the 18th century. Some of those include: modern roads, the tin can, concrete, The Bessemer Process for the mass production of steel, mass production of batteries, The Spinning Jenny, The Watt Steam Engine, The Cotton Gin, and the Telegraph. These, and other inventions, were the top technologies of the time. They made production, communication, and travel smarter and easier. (
  •        Cities: People flocked to cities to live and work. Cities became powerhouses of production.
  •        Work: Most people were farmers before the Industrial Revolution. Work opportunities opened when factories needed people to operate their machinery.
  •        Trains: Thanks to the development of steam power, locomotives transported goods at high speeds carrying large quantities.
  •        Machines: Due to the reliability and power of steam, machines could be larger and more efficient. They produced more products than ever before.

At STEELCO, we are an American owned and operated company that is proud to concentrate on high-quality industrial lubrication. We understand the value of machines and the role they play in our lives. It’s our pleasure to help keep those machines running well with our top of the line products. For more information, CLICK HERE. We look forward to serving you!

The Importance of the Correct High-Quality Industrial Lubricant

The Importance of the Correct High-Quality Industrial Lubricant

Not all lubricants are created equal. A high-quality lubricant keeps machinery running efficiently. While it might be tempting to grab any bargain product, if you want to keep your machines working well, it is important to choose quality.

The correct industrial lubricant will limit friction between your machine’s moving parts. Quality matters when it comes to your machines’ performance and longevity. The type of lubricant also matters. For example, some machines require heavy-duty lubricants while others need light-duty. This will depend on the frequency and speed of the components and level of force.

When it comes to lubricants, the quality and type can be tricky to navigate alone. For example, does your machine need synthetic or refined? What are the highest-quality lubricants? If you select the wrong kind of lubricant, you risk clogging your machine. Picking the right kind lubricant can be challenging, but with STEELCO, you aren’t alone.

We are different because we care about our customers’ bottom line. Our philosophy has always been: “To provide our customers with the finest lubrication products, minimizing maintenance costs & unscheduled downtime whilst maximizing the productive lifetime of valuable capital assets.” Call us today and let us know how we can help you. Call 1-800-344-7204

The Top Industries that Utilize Industrial Lubricants

Top industries that utilize industrial lubricants

Dozens of industries use industrial lubricants. Indirectly, we all do. Lubricants are the supportive substances for many industries that we need to keep our economy, lifestyle, and businesses running. Lubricants safeguards machinery and makes sure it works correctly. It not only minimizes friction between surfaces, but also controls temperature, prevents wear, protects equipment, and more.

Some of the top industries that utilize industrial lubricants in their daily operations are:

  • Auto
  • Construction
  • Lumber
  • Gas/Oil
  • Manufacturing
  • Robotics
  • Drilling
  • Engineering
  • Food Processing
  • Medical

At STEELCO Industrial Lubricants Inc, we serve many of the top industries that use industrial lubricants. Our products deliver the superior performance our clients expect with every single application. For more information, call (219) 462-0333.

Steelco, why choose us?
Here at Steelco we only use the finest gear oil. We have performed many different tests to prove that our oil is superior to our competitors. In 1976, Don Lee, (founder of Steelco and also a lubrication industry veteran) was faced with the formidable task of formulating greases & oils better able to withstand severe operating conditions found within the steel industry.
Grease Characteristics and More
Welcome to the official Steelco blog where, overtime, we will take a look at all things grease and no, not the 1978 hit film. But rather the grease that is a thick oily substance used as a lubrication. Let's start by looking at some characteristics and facts about grease.