Grease vs. Oil


Lubricants come in two key forms: oil and grease.  Both products lubricate equipment to ensure that it functions correctly and to prevent damage. What is the difference between oil and grease?


Grease has an oil base and a thickener rendering it a semisolid. There are other additives and the thickeners in grease for performance. Grease starts out thick, but becomes more oil-like as weight and pressure is applied.


Oil is a liquid. It does not mix with water and quality oil, like STEELCO products, will not leave a brownish tint to water when they are mixed. Oil is used for many things and one of the most important natural resources.

Why use grease?

Greases make great industrial lubricants. They are good at making a seal against contaminants. Also, grease can bear a variety of environments and stay on longer than oil.  Grease is also resistant to leakage.

Why use oil?

Oil has many advantages as an industrial lubricant. Oil has a better flow, is easier to apply, and can work as a cooling agent. It is also less messy and easier to control. Oil can extend the life of bearings better than grease.

 Is oil or grease best for me?

One of the best things about choosing STEELCO is that we can help you select the product that will work best for your particular machine. Click HERE to fill out our contact sheet or call: 1-800-344-7204.

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