How Industry Changed the World


Industry changed the world! We enjoy many modern comforts and convivences thanks to the move towards machines. Commonly known as the “Industrial Revolution”, in the late 1800s, engines, factories, and machines were developed. It changed society and the way we live.

  •        Inventions: There were many notable inventions in the 18th century. Some of those include: modern roads, the tin can, concrete, The Bessemer Process for the mass production of steel, mass production of batteries, The Spinning Jenny, The Watt Steam Engine, The Cotton Gin, and the Telegraph. These, and other inventions, were the top technologies of the time. They made production, communication, and travel smarter and easier. (
  •        Cities: People flocked to cities to live and work. Cities became powerhouses of production.
  •        Work: Most people were farmers before the Industrial Revolution. Work opportunities opened when factories needed people to operate their machinery.
  •        Trains: Thanks to the development of steam power, locomotives transported goods at high speeds carrying large quantities.
  •        Machines: Due to the reliability and power of steam, machines could be larger and more efficient. They produced more products than ever before.

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