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5 Gallon Bucket

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User Benefits:

  • Eliminates Water
  • Improves Fuel Flow
  • Combats Sulfurice Fuel
  • Keeps Injectors Clean
  • Aids Smooth Starting
  • Upper Cylinder Lubrication
  • Reduced Exhaust Smoke
  • Eliminates Carbon Deposits
  • Reduces Abrasive Wear
  • Inhibits Bacterial Growth
  • Inhibits Fungal Organisms
  • Increased Power

Product Description

EDL-22 fuel treatment is a total concentrated additivie package formulated to cope with the negative effects created by today’s fuel market. Increased demand for distillate fuels has caused refiners to increase the yield from all available crude stocks resulting in the use of certain crude oils heretofore unacceptable for use as a quality fuel. The hydrocarbon composition of fuel effects such properties as ignition quality, volatility, clouid point, pour point, gravity, oxidation stability and BTU value. Thus, it indirectly effects the power, fuel economy, wear, deposit formation,starting and smoke performance of your powered equipment. EDL-22 reduces abrasive wear caused by inadequate upper cylinder lubrication and eliminates corrosive wear buy eliminating water which, when present forms sulfuric type acids in high sulfur fuels. EDL-22 is a complete fuel additive especially blended to provide our customers with the ultimate in user benefits.


Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 12.5 × 16 in
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