Extreme Pressure Industrial Oil – 78-120


120 Lb Drum

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User Benefits:

  • Versatility
  • Non-Foaming
  • Extreme Pressure Protection
  • Reduced Wear
  • Cooler Operation
  • Longer Oil Life
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Rust Protection
  • Distinctive Color
  • Less Downtime

Product description

The remarkably versatile formulation of this product fortifies a first-quality, 800-second, paraffin-base oil with a full complement of anti-wear extreme-pressure, anti-foam and rust-and-oxidation inhibition additives. The unusually generous quantity of foam suppressant prevents the heat and wear resultin from aeration that is often encountered with other industrial oils and gear lubricants. While most products intended for the same applications include little or no extreme-pressure additive, STEELCO #78 EXTREME PRESSURE INDUSTRIAL OIL is filled to the optimum level with our best extreme-additive package. The high natural viscosity index of this paraffin-base oil results in noticeably less change in viscosity with change in temperature than is normally experienced with the commonly available naphthenic-base products. Consequently, manty appolications no longer require seasonal oil changes


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