Fan & Pump Oil – 50-420


420 LB Drum

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User Benefits:

  • Wear Reduction 
  • Less Maintenance 
  • Increased Production 
  • Excellent Water Separation 
  • Non Foaming 
  • Special Metal-Adhesion Additive 
  • Longer Oil Life 
  • Less “Wiping” of Babbitt Bearings 
  • Versatility

Product Description

A light non-foraming paraffinic oil with a high natural viscosity index fortified with an additive system that includes a proven anti-wear additive package and a special metal-adhesion additive which imparts the wear- reducing characteristics of a gear-oil as well as a light 300 second general purpose oil. Good water separating qualities along with the metal- adhesion additive results in an oil film being retained on metal surfaces even at high speeds. Will not affect seals. Excellent rust and oxidation protection. 



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