Fleet Engine Oils – Feo 30-16

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16 Gallon Drum

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User Benefits:

  • High Natural Viscosity Index
  • Extended Drain Intervals
  • Longer Engine Life
  • Single Universal Engine Oil
  • Cleaner Engines
  • Reduced Engine Wear
  • Reduced Low Temperature Sludge
  • Easier Starting
  • Reduced Oil Consumption

Product Description

This heavy-duty engine oil is the finest petroleum engine oil that money can buy today. It is made from specially selected, highly refined paraffin base crude oils with a very high natural viscosity index. Steelco Fleet Engine Oil is a second generation “Universal Oil” which is specially formulated to satisfy the latest performance specifications of all automotive type diesel, L.P. and gasoline engines. It is fully qualified through laboratory testing. More importantly, Fleet Engine Oil has demonstrated its excellence through exhaustive field performance studies, conducted in gasoline, L.P. and diesel engines powering road vehicles of all types as well as off highway equipment and stationary engines. Steelco Fleet Engine Oil represents the very latest formulation technology which employs a new thermally stable alkyl zinc anti-wear agent designed to minimize extreme pressure wear of cam shafts and other valve train components. Steelco is among the first to make such a universal oil commercially available. Steelco Engine Oil has shown its ability to improve fuel economy and reduce oil consumption. Also, it is the one motor oil to satisfy all your gasoline, L.P. and diesel fleet requirements. It will effectively combat sludging and extend engine life, reduce maintenance costs and provide superior performance even under the most severe operating conditions.


Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 12.5 × 16 in
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