Fleet-Vari-Purpose Gear Oils – 2014-40

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40 LB Bucket

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User Benefits:

  • Cooler Gear-Box Temperature
  • Non Foaming
  • High Film Strength
  • Reduces Whine & Vibration
  • Superior Oxidation Resistance
  • High Natural Viscosity Index
  • Excellent Water Separation
  • Wear Reduction
  • Keeps Seals Soft
  • Can be used in Limited Slip Differentials
  • Keeps Gear-Box Clean

Product Description

Steelco Vari-Purpose Gear Oils are a line of premium quality gear lubricants specially formulated to provide superior service in all applications where an “automotive” or “hypoid” type gear oil is recommended. They are formulated using the finest solvent refined vacuum distilled paraffinic base oils selected for their high natural viscosity index and natural oxidation resistance. This base oil blend is then fortified with an additive system designed to provide long lasting protection for gear trains against wear, corrosion and oxidation.

The additive system includes: special extreme pressure anti-wear agents which prevent metal- to-metal contact of meshing gear teeth or in highly loaded bearings; a cushioning agent to absorb loads thus protecting gears under high stress; an oiliness agent required for protection of hypoid type gears due to the sliding action encountered in these type gears; and special additives to resist oxidation and the related sludge, deposits, and corrosive agents produced in modern highly loaded gear systems operating at elevated temperatures.


Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 12.5 × 16 in
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