Hydro Power Fluid – 7800-55

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55 Gallon Drum

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User Benefits:

  • Reduces Corrosive Wear
  • Eliminates Foam
  • Rejects Water
  • Resists Oxidation
  • Reduces Metal Wear
  • Gives Less Downtime
  • Lowers Parts Cost
  • Allows Smaller Inventory
  • Produces Even Power
  • Lowers Temperatures
  • Has a Low Pour Point
  • Resists Extreme Pressures
  • High Film Strength
  • High Natural Viscosity Index

Product Description

Hydro Power Fluid is a multi-functional specially formulated product based primarily on the John Deere Tractor J-20C Specification for transmission hydraulic fluids. By meeting these exacting performance requirements. 7800 Hydro Power Fluid will serve as service fill for virtually all makes of wheeled tractors requiring a gear-hydraulic oil for main power transmission, wet brake and auxiliary hydraulic power functions. This feature will allow the user to reduce inventories of gear-hydraulic fluids by using a single product for all requirements.

Hydro Power Fluid is blended from highly refined high natural viscosity index base oils and the additive system contains additives to provide excellent high temperature stability and oxidation resistnace and superior low temperature flow properties. Additionally, it contains extremely effective anti-wear agents to assure long service life from tranwsmission gears and other parts; strong inhibitor systems to minimize wear; and special dispersent/detergents to prevent sludging, varnish build-up, and to maintain general system cleanliness.


Weight 420 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 42 in
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