Industrial Gear Oils 1000 – SAE 90

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120 LB Drum

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User Benefits:

  • Superior E.P. Protection
  • Cooler Gearbox operation
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Non Foaming
  • Excellent Water Separation
  • High Natural Viscosity Index
  • Excellent Adhesion to Metal
  • Prevents Rust
  • Inventory Versatility
  • Less Downtime
  • Distinctive Color

Product Description

Steelco Industrial Gear Oil is a superior formulated prod- uct designed to provide outstanding performance in applications where premium industrial gear lubricants fail. The base stock used in Steelco Industrial Gear Oil is a blend of the finest solvent refined vacuum distilled paraffinic oils selected for their high natural viscosity index and oxidative and thermal wstability. This superior base oil is then compounded with a series of highly specialized additives which provide the unique features of Steelco Industrial Gear Oil. This additive system includes the following: A versatile extreme pressure additive remains inactive in the oil until the high strength oil film begins to break down under the load. It then activates to produce a semi-fluid metallic sulfide, film on the gear teeth which prevents metal-to-metal contact. A special oiliness agent provides increased lubricity which is necessary for lubrication of worm or hypoid type gear sets where excessive sliding action occurs between gears. A polar additive is used to increase the affinity of the oil for metal surfaces thus allowing Steelco Industrial Gear Oil to literally climb gear trains and grip the surface of gears and bearings to provide maximum protection. Any gear oil without this additive will quickly drain off metal surfaces resulting in a condition of boundary lubrication and rapid wear. A “cushioning” additive of very high molecular weight helps prevent damage from shock loads encountered in certain gear applications by acting much as a pad between gear teeth to help absorb sudden shocks. This special combination of additives lends very special properties to Steelco Industrial Gear Oil with the added benefit that the lubricant may be run through filters also as small as five microns without removing the additives. Additionally they are totally resistant to leaching out by water.


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