Red Crown Lubricant – 488-1 (1 tube)


Steelco One Tube of Red Grease for grease gun-The Best Darn Grease Around. Lubricant that you can use for boats, vehicles, or commercial fleets. 488-1-Made in the USA. (14.5 oz.)

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One tube of our red 488-1 grease for a reloadable grease gun. Our lubricant has been used by car companies such as Cheverolet and Kia as the recommended product to fix warranty issues. It really is the best all around general use grease in the industry. Pick one up today and if you like it we also sell them in larger quantities such as 10 and 50 packs at a better price. We have stood behind our product for almost 50 years. Thanks for your business, Eric.

  • Our premium grease is made by a family owned company since the 1970s right here in Valparaiso, IN.
  • We use the best oils on the market to make our grease better than the big oil companies.
  • We are one of the last companies to still use a cold mixing process so that our grease will not separate even in the toughest conditions.
  • Our red grease will not wash out with water making it great for boat axles and other marine uses.
  • We have seen our grease last up to 30x longer than our competition in hot conditions such as racing in the desert. Originally formulated for America’s steel mills.


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