Red Crown Lubricant – 488-2-420


420 LB Drum

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Steelco 488 Red Crown Lubricant Grease: A third generation, semi-synthetic lubricant designed to combat extreme conditions of pressure, shock-loading, moisture and heat.

User Benefits:

  • COMMON USES-Earth-moving equipment, fifth wheels, universal joints, flexible coupling, belt filter presses, chassis points, rotating biological contractors, open gears, chains and sprockets
  • STEEL MILL USES-Excellent for use in the down coiler bearings, wedges and/or links of the Generation II Hot Strip Mills and also cold roll applications exposed to hot rolling oil solutions found in the steel and aluminum industry
  • 488-2 is recommendedto obtain maximum durability in slow moving applications where low ambient temperatures will not make pumping difficult
  • USDA APPROVED-This product is certified to contain no chlorinated naphtalenes, lead anphthanates or chlorinated biphenyls
  • Will Not Wash Out, Excellent Thermal Stability, Withstand Shock-Loading, Very Tacky, Reduces Maintenance, Seals Out Contaminates, No Oil Separation, Cooler Running Bearings. Also comes in 10 tube cases, 50 tube cases, 420 lb drums, and 120 lb drums.

Product Description

A heavy duty grease designed for severe applications exposed to heat, water, speed, shock-loading, etc. Specifically formulated as a semi-synthetic lubricant to counteract the demulsibility (leaching) effect of down coiler applications and the similar effect of rolling oil solutions found in the hot and cold metal rolling industry. Excellent mechanical and thermal stability as well as superior adhesion and cohesion. This product is certified to contain no Chlorinated Napthalenes, Lead Napthanates nor Chlorinated Byphenols. Surpasses 670 O.K. Timken Load. Utilizing the latest advances in lubricant technology, this rugged, heavy duty multi-purpose lubricant is formulated to extend lubrication schedules while providing maximum lubrication in the most severe operating conditions such as water, heat, speed, pressure and shock-loading. Tow independent tackifying systems provide outstanding adhesion (clingability) and cohesion to withstand shockloading. This full bodied lubricant is fully water resistant and will not wash out of bearings, pins, and bushings, even under constant water spray. The special thickening agents are unsurpassed in heat resistance and actually contribute to the anti-wear capabilities of this versatile, multi-purpose lubricant. The semi-synthetic nature of this formulation resists the emulsifying (leaching) effect of down coiler applications and the similar effect of rolling oil solutions found in the hot and cold metal rolling industry. Because of its excellent mechanical and thermal stability, this lubricant consistently reduces product usage by extending lubrication intervals several times that of conventional lubricants.

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