Supreme Lubricants – 400-2-10T


10 Tube Case

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User Benefits:

  • Extended Equipment Life 
  • Extended Grease Intervals 
  • Reduces Labor 
  • Reduces Downtime 
  • Non-Melting 
  • Cooler Running Bearings 
  • Will Not Wash Out 
  • Increased Production 
  • Distinctive Color

Product Description

An outstanding multi-purpose, non-melting, inorganic thickened lubricant fortified with an additive system that provides superior extreme pressure and anti-wear characteristics. This smooth, full bodied lubricant is fully water resistant and will not wash out of bearing, even under constant water spray. Steelco Supreme Lubricants offer excellent mechanical stability and exceptional adhesion and cohesion (clingability) characteristics. These lubricants will extend lubrication intervals several times that of conventional lubricants. This product is certified to contain no chlorinated naphthalenes, lead naphthanates, or chlorinated biphenyls.




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